The School Leadership Journey
(John Catt, 2016)

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Schools since 1944: Standard Bearers or Turbulent Priests?
(Woburn Press, 1998)

State Schools: New Labour and the Conservative Legacy
with Clyde Chitty (eds.), (Woburn Press, 1999)

School Leadership: National and International Perspectives
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Intelligent Accountability
John Dunford brought the term ‘intelligent accountability’ into the education lexicon in 2003. This led to the then schools’ minister, David Miliband, quoting John when he announced a ‘new relationship with schools’ in January 2004. The concept was frequently quoted in subsequent years and in a Times Educational Supplement hustings before the 2010 general election, all three party spokesmen mentioned intelligent accountability within the first half hour.

John wrote a series of papers on intelligent accountability for the Association of School and College Leaders, the final one of which was published by ASCL in July 2010: Read it here.

Review of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner
In the autumn of 2010, John led an independent review of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner in England. The report contained 46 recommendations, all of which were accepted by the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove. Read the report here.

The growth of academy chains
Working with Robert Hill and the isos partnership www.isospartnership.com, John co-authored a report for the National College for School Leadership on The growth of academy chains: implications for leaders and leadership (March 2012)

Establishing and leading new types of school
Again, working with Robert Hill and the isos partnership, John co-authored a report for the National College for School Leadership on the leadership of free schools, university technical colleges and studio schools: Establishing and leading new types of school (March 2013)

Evaluation of teaching schools
John co-authored a research report on the effectiveness and influence of teaching schools, led by Professor Qing Gu of the University of Nottingham. The final report was published at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/teaching-schools-evaluation (April 2013)


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