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John Dunford is an accomplished and entertaining speaker on a wide range of educational issues. He frequently addresses conferences of school leaders and governors, providing an insight into government education policy and the ways in which schools and colleges can best respond to the policies and take advantage of the opportunities that they present.

John can be booked to speak at conferences through www.slaterbaker.com
Co-operative schools conference, Manchester, 9 November 2011
John Dunford Speech

In its summary of the conference the Co-operative Schools website (http://www.co-op.ac.uk/2011/11/co-operative-schools-values-matter-report/) states:
Dr John Dunford, Chair of Whole Education, a partnership between leading educational institutions, added to the debate about educational reforms and the changing curriculum, but also spoke of the opportunities to build an alternative. He told delegates it was “a really exciting time to create a new narrative of education” by “working together not just within your own trusts but with the co-operative movement as a whole”.
Dunford said educators need to “look outwards” to ensure a “fully rounded education for young people”, calling for a curriculum that “engages young people and is relevant to them and their future”. He described the new English Baccalaureate an “accountability measure not a curriculum” that “adds nothing to qualifications”.
Dunford also stressed the importance of “partnership working between schools” and said “co-operative schools are a great example to the rest of the system”. He urged: “I encourage you to work together and create a co-operative curriculum framework to reinforce the values of the co-operative movement that underpin everything you do.”


John Dunford acts as a consultant on school leadership and education policy to schools and companies.>

He also carries out consultancy work with Robert Hill Consulting; as an Associate of the isos partnership; (www.isospartnership.co.uk) and as a Specialist Associate at Bellenden, a public affairs and communications company (www.bellenden.co.uk)

For further consultancy work, John can be contacted on jd@johndunfordconsulting.co.uk